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Opening of new airport in Rio Hato area

Opening of new airport in Rio Hato area

November 27, 2013 | Featured post, Gogetit News

image6 300x225 Opening of new airport in Rio Hato areaOn Wednesday November 13, the Rio Hato sector made headlines due to the opening of the new airport in central provinces Scarlett Martinez. This new airport promises to bring much progress in the region and lead to Penonome to be one of the most important cities.

According to information published by the website of the National Government, President Ricardo Martinelli moved to Rio Hato area and was very happy and pleased with this new development that will greatly benefit the province of Cocle. The opening ceremony was attended by ministers and deputy ministers, heads of institutions, members of the area, the Martinez family relatives, businessmen and representatives of the construction company.

“The province of Cocle has an important tourism potential, because of its beautiful beaches and so we built this world-class airport for the benefit of the region,” Martinelli said, while indicating that a country can not develop its tourism potential if not builds airports within the country. He said he felt honored and proud that the airport was named after the pilot Scarlett Martinez.

This will be an internationally recognized airport as there are airlines in Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and European airlines, among others, interested in making their flights to this airport terminal.

The project includes the construction of a Pan-American and rehabilitation under the trackway, terminal building, control tower, building of Rescue Fire Fighting, meteorological observatory, fenced perimeter, platform, parking and all conditioned to receive international flights tunnel. The modernization and rehabilitation of the airport terminal will allow landing aircraft type Boeing 757-200 with capacity up to 228 passengers on charter flights.

For his part, the general director of the Civil Aviation Authority, Rafael Barcenas said that this work will have a great impact on the community and projecting that in six months the air terminal should be operating at one hundred percent with human resource from the province.

Minister of Public Works, Jaime Ford, said the economic impact of this work will be important in the region and improve the quality of life of its residents. He also mentioned that they have also invested in other sectors of this city and on roads in the province, while reported that soon he will be delivering the Notice to Proceed for the rehabilitation of the Penonomé – Aguadulce road, which will cost $45 million.

Read more information here (article in spanish)

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