Marine Park Coiba Island, considered one of the best dive destinations in the world, is home to the largest coral reef in the Eastern Pacific. The island is an excellent destination for eco tourism. The town of Santa Catalina is the best access point for Coiba Island Panama, but it is also one of the best destinations for surfing in Central America.

Coiba Island still has 80% of its original forests because for 90 years, the island was a penal colony. In 2005, the prisoners were transferred and you can now access the abundant marine and terrestrial flora and fauna for the joy of all nature lovers. You can find rare scarlet macaws which have nests here and whales that pass through this area between July and October.

Crystalline waters and protect the marine ecosystem and its virgin forest, make it one of the paradises of Panama. We are talking about the Coiba National Park, located in the district of Montijo, Veraguas province.

Coiba Island Panama is located within the secret paradises of Panama. Find out more about the best tourist destinations in Panama.

Coiba Island Panama – Gogetit Highlights

  • In the past, this island housed the most dangerous inmates in the country and in 2005, became a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • In this place, you can find several endemic species.
  • More than 80% of the island is covered by original vegetation, mangroves and cativales has significant magnitude.
  • In its beaches, at least 3 species of sea turtles put their nests.
  • You have the best preserved of the Panamanian Pacific coral reefs and an undeniable value provided landscaper for tourism.

The cultural offer in Panama has increased over the years. In fact, it has led to tourism in Panama is one of the main channels of income for the country.

Incredible Surf and Access Point to Coiba Island Panama

Santa Catalina is a rural town that is becoming a surfing destination world-is said to be the next Tamarindo (best surfing destination of Costa Rica). Originally a super secret beach, Santa Catalina has the most consistent waves in Panama. Lonely Planet Guide says about Santa Catalina “Surfing is epic, with very consistent waves, rocks and soil where they break waves of between 1.5 to 6 meters (5-20 feet).

Traveling by car is a journey of about 5 hours to Santa Catalina from Panama City. Santa Catalina is also the point of detachment to access the Coiba Island Panama, a journey of 80 minutes per boat. A day trip to dive in Coiba can cost as little as $ 100, and snorkel only $ 50 per person if you travel in a large group.

The seas of Coiba are also the habitat of four species of cetaceans: The enormous humpback whale, killer whales, orcas, dolphins and spotted tropical bottlenose dolphins.

Coiba Island Panama – How to Get There?

Santa Catalina: A journey of a 5 hour drive from Panama City. Among Santiago, on the Panamerican Highway and after passing Santiago, follow the signs to Santa Catalina. The last part of the street is being renovated to arrive with no problems to this beautiful place. Santa Catalina is the best place to get from there to Coiba Island Panama

Coiba Island Panama – 4 things you must do!

1. Surf in Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is one of the most famous beaches for surfing in Latin America. Surfer around the world come here to try these incredible waves. The main point near the village has a floor rocks with waves right and left, but right is better. The waves provide excellent tubes and enough strength. It is usually surfs medium to high tide, but there is a big swell can also surf the low tide.

2. Diving in Coiba

In Santa Catalina, a variety of dive shops where you can find all the appropiate equipment for practicing this awesome activity. If you’re coming from Panama City, there are some other places that can organize your trip, transportation, diving equipment, etc.

3. Snorkel-the best in Panama

We have more than 40 kinds of colorful fish and marine animals such as turtles, stingrays and sharks in the small island of Tacita de Oro. If you are traveling with a group tour day, including lunch and dolphin watching along the way, it is only US$ 50.

4. Ecological Tour

If you are interested in Santa Catalina, there are several businesses that offer eco-tours day and night in Coiba. It takes half an hour and reach Panama Coiba Island, but the transfer itself offers beautiful views and probably going to see dolphins too.

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Coiba Island Panama

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