Office rentals in Panama are very demanded in all metropolitan area. Specifically, Costa del Este is one of the most desirable areas to live today in Panama. The supply of residential buildings has soared in recent years. The locals describe it as a very quiet area to live and if you have the good fortune to also work in Costa del Este, the quality of life increases considerably because staying in the micro-ecosystem of the area, mitigates in a good way the effects of traffic.

And it is in this aspect that Costa del Este Panama demand for offices for sale and for rent is increasing. There are currently different real estate office projects in the area seeking to meet demands and provide better quality of life for its inhabitants.

Office rentals in Panama – Costa del Este

The most renowned projects in Costa del Este are:

Plaza Real, Costa del Este

PLAZA REAL provides areas for rent for shops and offices, designed to provide satisfaction and functionality to all occupants and visitors.

office rentals in Panama

On ground floor there are 7 commercial offices for rent, with enclosed areas ranging from 127 m2 to 310 m2. For its design and location is roofed and open spaces added unroofed, which create more room for performance, efficiency and productivity.
They have easy access to parking ground floor and mezzanine, roofing on the back tower and those found on the side street, with direct access to the premises by one of its inputs.

Offices are located at levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The first three levels have offices ranging from 90 m2 to 160 m2, all with private parking in their levels, which greatly increases productivity and reduces waiting times for elevators.
At levels 4 and 5, they have open spaces to rent with areas up to 2,000 m2 approximately on each level, including private parking lots in their respective floors.

Plaza del Este, Costa del Este

It is a modern business tower which will house world-class corporations, with design that includes the essential requirements for developing business activities efficiently in a pleasant environment.

office rentals in Panama

With high quality standards is destined to be one of the most innovative projects in the labor area of ​​Panama City.

This project is located in the business district of Costa del Este, on the Boulevard.
Plaza del Este has a full floor for offices of 3171.80 m2 will be starting at level 700.

* Delivery on grey works.
* Spaces available for deposit.
* Plants with optimal spaces.
* Meeting rooms, event areas and commonly used rooms.
* Ample room for vehicular traffic and parking every 30 meters.
* Optional spaces for deposits.
* Exclusive project for a select group of companies.
* Open and closed common areas, which reduce investment in areas of sporadic use
* Large Lobbies
* Central plaza
* Rooms for meetings
* Open terraces and parks
* Commercial Area

Boulevard del Este

Boulevard del Este Panama is a project created by Mallol & Mallol, modern and with a bold architectural design. Its great location in Costa del Este Panama, will make it a center of both offices and shops.

office rentals in Panama

Boulevard East is a new concept of offices and commerce in Costa del Este Panama. It is an intelligent and eco-responsible office and retail building ready to occupy.

The building has a power plant running 24 hours a day, and a reserve water tank of 40,000 gallons. In addition to a security service activated throughout the year, with burglar alarm. Eastern Boulevard also consists of a complete fire protection system and two separate staircases that will facilitate the rapid evacuation of the building and is situated opposite a police station. Its location is unbeatable.

With the aim of creating a model based on sustainable development and eco-responsible concept building, the glass used in its construction are specifying LOW E to achieve greater energy savings. However, a building of this nature must not be at odds with luxury. For this reason, it is important to note that the common areas are built in granite finishes and Italian porcelain. Those using Boulevard del Este – Costa del Este, can enjoy a luxurious lobby and a wide 360° view to the outside.

Below you can find the details of each plant / project level.


The ground floor of the Boulevard del Este Panama is designed for trade and has six stores, from 150 to 345 square meters. This plant also has exclusive parking spaces for customers. For information on pricing, availability and financing please contact the team of Boulevard del Este.


The first floor, known as “level 100”, has 7 office spaces and retail space of 80 square meters onwards.

LEVELS 200, 300 and 400

Levels 200, 300 and 400 are the three floors for parking of vehicles. They are spacious parking spaces of 2.75 meters wide with option to rent.


This plant has 9 office space of 80 square meters onwards, with direct access to a botanical garden and three terraces.

LEVELS 600, 700, 800 AND 900

These levels consist of offices with an area ranging from 90 to 900 square meters. The last level, also has open terraces facing to a botanical garden.

For more detailed information on costs and availability please visit rental offices in Panama – Boulevard del Este.

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